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Masked men held electric batons loot single women - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
On September 28, puning police uncovered a special women series case withdrawal to the bank robbery alone, captured the criminal suspect Chen penang ( Male, 42 years old, the port town of people) To solve series of robbery cases, 10 cases of success. Locked the suspect August and September, 2017, puning occurring over several cases of criminal suspects following alone woman rob case when bank ATM withdrawals. Due to cases occurred in downtown, the extremely bad social impact. Shortly after, vice mayor of puning, public security bureau chief Xie Hanhu attaches great importance to and from criminal investigation brigade to deploy capable forces launched criminal investigation work. Through investigation clues in many ways, according to the basic lock in the criminal suspect is a grown man, the man was tall, when driving a car electric car, wear a helmet and mask. Investigators, according to the characteristics of the criminal suspect and means of the crime and the target object, string cases. this this case to immediately. Arrest, confessed the crime after stage to the careful investigation, on September 28, in jieyang city public security bureau with the support from the related business department, puning police suspected major crime suspects XXL penang to make arrests. At 1 PM, in puning police near the port town of lotus thon altar village primary school will XXL penang captured. Upon examination, the XXL penang narrates the reason if lose money gambling and thoughts of robbery, hence to buy electric batons, fruit knife, downtown mask soar to commit crime tools like quicksand, hold the listed bank teller machines at the door waiting for you to follow to withdraw single women, after using a electric batons, fruit knife threatened to rob, has committed a total of 10 cases, got the cash renminbi twenty thousand yuan, apple mobile phone a criminal facts. At present, the XXL penang criminal suspects have been detained by criminal of, in the trial are further. The puning police called on the relevant to the case the victim to the police actively, so as to further for the police criminal investigation to obtain evidence.
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