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Men's self-defense electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Item name: man self-defense electric batons item size: about 35 cm long item configuration: about 10000 volt electric shock, the flashlight, flash, rechargeable. ( Brand new custom menu bar items which are accessible at any time) Description 】 Type 2013 black hawk by 8 five file lighting hit light stun resistance electric batons 【 Size] Total length of 34. 3 5 cm, stick the body diameter. 4m 【 Peak voltage. 76 million v 【 The light bulb] Imports CREE Q5 LED bulb 【 Lamp life 】 【 10 w hours Color] The white light [ Range 】 300 meters lighting time 4 hours and 320 lumens 【 right Battery capacity. 18650 4000 mah lithium battery & times; 2' Battery life. A 1000 - cycle use 【 Charging time 】 3 - 4 hours' Gear 】 Strong profile in the strong weak stall blasting flash SOS flash file' Shell 】 Space strengthening alloy material' Features 】 Energy-saving durable highlight environmental protection no radiation' Waterproof 】 Can adapt to all kinds of life waterproof, do not soak in water for a long time, not into the underwater operation. 【 Main use 】 Security guard patrol the pastoral guardian self-defense riot hunting outdoor climbing driver backup, and so on a large number of spot for a long time! ! ! ! Charging time: 4 - Size: 5 hours long, 34. 5 cm, 3 cm in diameter shell: aerospace strengthen alloy material characteristics: waterproof energy-saving durable highlight environmental protection, no radiation, can adapt to all kinds of life waterproof, but do not soak in water, not into the underwater operation. Main use: security guard patrol the pastoral guardian self-defense riot hunting outdoor climbing long-term driver backup, etc. Note: this product is a metal, please do not aim at the head! Self-defense electric shock stick note with electric shock human limbs advisable, time is generally not more than 2 - shock 5 seconds, the gunman lose attacks and resistance ability, is not to shock, in order to avoid accidents. It is forbidden to shock the body head, heart and other important organs area; Please do not touch a heart attack or with cardio cuny apparatus. It is strictly prohibited to old person, children, women and infirm.
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