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Men with electric batons rape massage girl Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
It is reported that zhang department utilize modern guangxi people, long-term stay in fangchenggang city, after graduating from junior high school in May 2017 to north flow a work site. Did a few months later, zhang mou feel hard working, income, the in the mind gives birth to a bold idea: pretend to be the police law enforcement to cheat money. Zhang mou metasomatism, in fact, as early as in fangcheng port, he bought a pair of handcuffs. Because of the cold, did not dare to commit crime. Until the crime QiBaTian before, after he made up his mind to, and bought a electric batons, and bought three pairs of shoes. Bring captured a trebuchet crime after 2 PM on August 31, 2017, zhang with handcuffs, electric batons, shoelaces, such as tools, live in rong county to a business hotel, then call the room card, call the victim xiaoli ( Not his real name) A massage to the room service. When xiao li to the room, zhang claimed that he was the police, is investigated prostitution activities, then handcuffed xiaoli to threats, from the latter unearthed and forcibly take away $500 in cash inside the wallet. Then, zhang untie handcuffs, convert the LACES tied down small beautiful hands, and show the police electric batons to the victim, the victim cannot also dare not resist, after leaving the scene. Bring back was robbed of cash at 4 PM in the day, small beautiful alarm to let county public security bureau, said in the hotel room was robbed. On September 1, 2017, zhang was arrested by the police. During his trial, zhang mou to pretend to be police, robbed 500 yuan confessed. Bring about police arrested suspects at the hotel, let county, after the people's court ruling zhang robbery, sentenced to 10 years, 10000 yuan fine. To this, zhang mou refuses to accept the first-instance judgment, appeal to the yulin city then, think you pretend to be police, just diddle property, the victim should constitute the crime of fraud, and heavy-handed. The yulin city then make a final order: dismissal of zhang's appeal is upheld. Bring about network figure captions for zhang, yulin city then pointed out that although zhang as the police investigation, the victim is a deceptive; However, zhang made the property of the victim is using violence means, is not willing to zhang, the victim and the Supreme People's Court on the trial of criminal cases of robbing and snatching issued opinions on some issues of applicable law 'in regulation: & other; Pretend to be is a people's policeman in performing their duties, defence, after asking to catch illegal prostitution, gambling, etc, in the implementation of the use of violence or threat of violence, the above actions to robbery convicted and punished. ” Robbed 500 yuan, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and penalty of 10000 yuan, with this? Contrast, yulin city then explain, zhang robbery behavior constitutes a pretend to be police personnel, in accordance with the law shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, to the court when sentencing, considering zhang in criminal facts of the case, and has a confession from the plot, the sentencing range sentenced him to prison for 10 years, fine of 10000 yuan, the principle of crime punishment is consistent, not heavy punishment.
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