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Men with electric ones followed after the woman into the elevator to the obscene ( Figure) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Video capture host: a residential area in luan city recently, a man armed with electric batons, following the woman into the elevator, to engage in obscene, then take a look at the youth of the obscene exactly is who? If you have understanding, also please dial 110 call immediately. The temple ( The policemen regarding luan jin police samsung bridge) : at that time, one of the girls before the matter, she on the elevator, suspects appeared immediately, he now suddenly blunt come over to the elevator, the elevator has at this time. Journalist: is he? The temple: yes, he went in for the first time, but soon down again. Explanation: this scene in the monitoring on regarding luan meishan north road, within a district, at that time the youth man hiding in the vicinity of the elevator, see a single young woman entered the elevator, immediately followed into. According to the survey of the civilian police later, the man followed the woman for the first time to enter the elevator is not successful, in a few minutes, the man action again. The temple: the party is now in the elevator, the suspect appeared, look at his hand, holding a thing, is suspected of electric ones, on the elevator. Explanation: as you can see, in monitoring the man portable electric batons, very quickly into the elevator, because the elevator monitoring, no inside don't know what happened. According to police, the victim after 15 the elevator downstairs, promptly report to the police. Video capture the temple: at that time, the man, suspected of carrying a small electric shock stick, to poking at her neck, through the analysis, maybe he didn't turn on the power supply, just for a stamp, this girl is frightened, quickly escape from the 15 floor according to the elevator. Explanation: after received the alarm, the police patrol near, jurisdiction the policemen rushed to the scene, after blockade village, each floor to search the criminal suspect, but found no, preliminary analysis, according to police, the suspect to the topographical well, may be early scouting for many times. Also posted inside the village temple: we are now in a lot of signs, if has a person, please do not hesitate to contact us. Explanation: civilian police to remind, the summer coming, indecent assault in the season, single women should raise awareness. Host: this woman when alone, if you meet sex maniac, should know how to protect themselves? So here we are with all of you to say, practical and easy to use some coyotes skills. Explanation: this summer, the girls dress is becoming more and more cool and refreshing, electric batons, these beautiful young women, are generally preferred target sex maniac, to defend Wolf must first know the Wolf's main activity area. Video capture reporter: where sex maniac more? Luan citizen: the park. Reporter: what else? Luan citizen: should be a park, or in the evening, at night the street is a sex maniac. Luan citizen: at night, can park behind the relatively dark place, there may be. Explanation: the interview, many women believe that most of the park at night is a sex maniac, in fact, in addition to the park bus, elevator was often the sex maniac frequent haunt, met sex maniac, do you know how to do? Luan citizen: are you sure you want to prepare a bottle of pepper spray and carry them wherever you go. Video capture reporter: do you usually carry? Luan citizen: take, I can take. Luan citizens: run hurry up, or else. Reporter: what do you want to run but others? For example in the narrow space of the elevator? Just the two of you, know how to do? Luan citizen: I don't know, I really don't know. Explanation: if there are any sex maniac, how should as far as possible to protect themselves? According to the practical and easy operation, we recommend here three of the most common techniques, a, hook leg, popular way toward sex maniac kicked in the crotch a foot, once played, Wolf immediately hurts to the ground, losing the ability to attack within a few minutes, then can the chance to escape. Video capture two, Wolf spray or wind, if there is a Wolf spray spray to the sex maniac face, if there is no spray that often take a bottle of wind, a single person to ride the elevator hand wipe more wind, when you meet the Wolf is the eyes say hello to each other, as long as a little wind into the eyes, the pain is self-evident.
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