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Mercedes driver fail to stop by to take bar intimidation coordinator: - look for a person to do you Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Around two o 'clock in the afternoon, on April 13, yangzhou a Mercedes driver for breach stop arguing and traffic wardens. Man bar at the volunteer face, threatening the other destroyed evidence photos, or you 'look for a person to do you. Wear a uniform in the video is jointly had streets and old shen, its main duty is to assist the traffic police brigade to maintain jurisdiction vehicle parking order. Yesterday, my colleagues and old shen patrol, found that Mercedes fail to stop. Old shen said he was according to the process take photos forensics, and behold, there was a man from the roadside shop around the age of 30, quickly open the door, and pulled out a bar, pointing to his throat, threat he dropped the photograph pin, or three days to do him. Old shen patient explanation, not create conflict, but man rakes, xin kui indiana, someone didn't lead to conflict. After two people were pulled, man driver left the scene. The next day, the traffic police and brunei river police station police investigation details. To know that things get big men involved Ms. Finally appeared, he explained, was a pilot with the shop owner, because in a hurry parking management, afraid to eat violate the rules and regulations are to blame, on impulse, do not to do things. Ms. Gao said, after he regretted the incident, have, according to the requirement of the police destroyed bar, old shen, please forgive me.
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