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'Migratory birds' into JingYing patrol special police life - 'zero distance' experience Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
“ Small birds & throughout; In the lecture drowning prevention safety knowledge. Chinese police on the morning of July 15, from zhejiang yuhuan city elementary school each of the port town of 30 & other; Small birds & throughout; Come to yuhuan patrol special police brigade to visit learning, & other; Zero distance & throughout; Understand the status of daily work of the police, experience the charm of the public security police. These usually can only see in the TV body armor, bulletproof helmets, riot armor, strong crossbow, night-vision units, range finder, and & other; Turn & throughout; Gun, stun guns and other firearms, caused & other; Small birds & throughout; Of great interest, have come forward to experience. At the same time, the patrol special police team back & other; Small birds & throughout; About the recent to swim drowned and do STH without authorization to the water to rescue the case of death, electric batons, and teach the drowning prevention related safety knowledge. Subsequently, & other; Small birds & throughout; Were at the scene to watch the patrol special police shield operation and dog training.
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