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by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
'Mini electric batons have harm? ' With little current, the body feel mild pain and numbness on March 27, 2013 source: qilu evening news' PDF version 】 More and more. Dismantling of the 'mini electric batons. / after dismantling the 'mini electric batons. Our reporter zhang MouXingZi taken this newspaper on March 26, Reporter zhang gao min MouXingZi intern) Recently, there are people to call our hotline, said in binzhou 3 and marina city experimental primary school found near a market stall selling toys 'mini electric batons, worry that this toy will cause harm to the students. Subsequently, the reporter comes to five fan home lane of the road is located in the Yellow River, found in a small shop called 'mini electric batons' children's toys. Reporter saw, the 'mini electric batons' about 10 cm long, slender cylindrical for plastic, hold it in hand weight is light, the handle has two buttons; Product packaging is only a simple transparent plastic bags, neither manufacturer, production date on the outer packing, no instructions, production license or quality certification; Foreign sales for each of the five cents. According to vendor, just press the two buttons can generate an electric current as electric batons, but when reporters press the two buttons and no current spark. The shopkeeper said only to iron or the human body can feel, 'but it's mild, is the children to play, don't hurt people. 'And have parents said, how much is the toy electric batons current is not good. In order to further study the security of this toy electric batons, reporters in the small shops to buy a this kind of electric batons, and dismantling. Toy electric batons cylindrical plastic shell is easy to open, inside is a fire maker and lighter principle the same device, this play firearms leverage to convert the pressure of the hand to the momentum effect, so as to generate an electric current. Reporters from 'mini electric batons' down a firearm on the arm in the experiment, can produce a weak current, the body feel mild pain and numbness, but did not cause serious danger. This kind of toy electric batons and police used real electric batons natural power is different, but as 3 without the product, also can't guarantee its safety. , electric batons
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