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【 Moved by the traffic 】 Hero 'messenger' in its run: snow line feeling - post road life Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Out of the car, wife and former beauty ill say good-bye. Its ill driving coach by the most dangerous chola mountain road. Brisk wind carrying snow, although already spring, he ethnoniedicinal or white one. Everything here is still not recovery, in addition to the wind, mountain road is much more static. Coming in the distance a green coach and listen to it is known that rough poignant song 'a regular - — 'Drive on this road, just like walking on the way home. 'Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province China post group ganzi county branch driving group leader whose beauty is full postal jokes. From chengdu in sichuan province, via yoann, ganzi, arrived in Lhasa, Tibet, this is the 'cross sichuan-tibet lasted for 64 years. Among them, kangding - Heidegger period of post road called snow line post road, the round 1208 km, at an average altitude of 3500 meters above the snow line, and topography is complex, climate changeful. Its edge, led a group of kangba man, perennial stationed here, for the Chinese postal relay 'universal service', continuously to the Tibetan people deliver letters and parcels. On March 21, 2018, in its ill deeds advanced seminar held in Beijing CPPCC auditorium, 'its beauty ill snowline post road' by the Ministry of Transport approved. Coach jacket is folks looking forward '29 years passes through the snow line post road is lonely, is lonely, but this is my choice, I have never regretted it. 'Said its beauty is full. Since 1989 engaged in kangding - Heidegger long distance driving work its postal ill, has been run on this road for nearly 30 years. Kangding - Howard's postal postal way to relay, mail comes from a trip to need at least 5 days. [as] driving group leader, in its edge, will be the most difficult and most dangerous tasks for herself, bear the ganzi - Heidegger, postal via 'sichuan-tibet first risks' -- — Chola mountain pass, this test is not only the driver's courage, but also technology. Chola mountain peak and velvet Russian firm is a fourth peak in sichuan, at the age of snow cover is not. Pass at an altitude of 5050 meters, is the highest in sichuan highway pass, sichuan-tibet highway, 317 national road from this travel. National highway 317 in chola mountain mountain is asphalt, but the mountain is a dirt road. The top of the mountain is just around the corner, the road has twists and turns and steep, is almost on the precipice digging, one side is gravel suspension, one side is the abyss. Its edge, said: 'the road not familiar with or technology is not excellent driver, simply can't cope with the traffic here. Chola mountain, the road is the narrowest place less than 4 meters, let alone a cart crawl. 'Commonly known as the' gate of hell 'here, quite dangerous. 'He said. ' every time he passed, here are carefully check about cars. '12 tons of mail comes through here, each time acceleration, gear shifting, steering, like the game with death. With the rapid development of electrical business, more and more Tibetan compatriots love online shopping, the heavier the task of the run and its crew, 'cycle' often give up the rest time. 'There was a transport friends advised me to run, electric batons, don't drive shaft, and they together to make a lot of money, but I refused. My coach, is filled with the children's notice of the university entrance exam, the communist party is the party newspaper and confidential documents, expectation and hope with the villagers. 'Talk about your job, its edge, eyes firmly. 29 years [of], its run of more than 6000 times in ganzi and heidegger, travel more than 140 kilometers. For a long time, only the blue sky white clouds, accompanied by his hungry, will carry out the food, stuffy, follow one's inclinationsly hum a tune. Stand up with blood to defend stick to a crisis, it is the 'select kangba men. In sparsely populated on the sichuan-tibet highway, the postal clerk should not only face the cold, severe weather, such as dangerous, endure hunger and lonely, but also to the gunman attacked, robbery and other emergencies. Since 1997, the segment 'coach was robbed events with more than 10, a number of postal clerk had experienced the danger of hanging on by a thread. One day in 2012, its beauty is run as usual via national highway 318 yaan tianquan county territory. From a distance, the front have a steep slope, he skillfully speed will slow down. At this moment, suddenly appeared a group of people who hold a machete, iron bars, electric batons. A lot of confidential documents by postal mail, 'big stick, small welded' is the special provisions on the management of confidential email. 'Dozen dozen, I don't hit the coach. Eldest son died of wounds still lingers, he was also in a pool of blood, light blade there 17, after three days and three nights of rescue, just out of danger. With a thigh injury not standing and sitting in its run for more than three months of the wheelchair. 'Abba hand muscle was cut off, so one individual, could be a little baffled, screw, no matter how hard is. 'The younger son tashi ze weng recalled the report meeting. A conquered chola mountain of kangba man, but now can only be in a wheelchair, should depend on others to take care of life, it can not let him. Whenever he wants to give up treatment, wife ze ren qu west advised him over and over again, every day to help him massage, cook soup.
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