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My friend, know something about arc lighter

My friend, know something about arc lighter


As the saying goes: the person is iron, rice is a steel, do not eat a meal hungry.

So fire is really essential in people’s life.

When people are just in contact with the fire, they rely on the firewood

It takes a lot of effort to ignite the fire.

Later, I started to use matches and gas lighters to ignite.

Smart people make it easier to use fire.

Now a new generation of ignition stars has been born.

The product we are going to introduce today is

Long candle lighter

What is different from the traditional ignition method?

The first thing to talk about is safety.

Fire is essential

But also dangerous

Have you ever encountered such a situation?

Ignite with a match, worry that the match burns hot

Tilting the candle vertically with a lighter will burn your hands

I dare not use the match to go to the gas stove that I can’t open.

and many more···

Electronic lighter keeps your hands away from the fire

85mm hose pulls the flame distance

It's perfect to light a candle

Hose 360° rotation

Light anything as your want

The second feature - windproof

The windproof usb lighter is a must for outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor barbecue should be carried out on a cool night!

The third feature - lighting

Can you find the lead in the fireworks at night? ?

Need to turn on the flashlight? ?

This electric lighter has LED light function

Come to a beautiful and grand fireworks night.

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