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Nanchang electric police captured 90000 cases a year red valley beach district parking - at most Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
This newspaper nanchang ( Reporter Cai Yinghui) 13, the reporter learns from nanchang city public security bureau, electric batons, nanchang enabled the electronic police capture disorderly parking violations is full a year, a total of nearly 90000 capture disorderly parking behavior. Due to the constant growth of the motor vehicle ownership, combined with the existing in the supply of parking Spaces in nanchang city the phenomenon of illegal parking is numerous, affect the normal traffic of the roads. On May 10, 2014, nanchang city public security bureau decided to use transportation technology monitoring devices capture key sections of illegal motor vehicle parking behavior, and tells the service platform through traffic illegal messages notify the owner. It is understood that the current nanchang installed electric police capture illegal in article 119 of the road, covering the east lake area, lake, red valley beach district, by the open area and other area. 'Electric alarm equipment put into use after the liberation of the police force, reduced the controversy, effect is obvious. 'Relevant person in charge of nanchang traffic management bureau said that as of May 13, 8 effectively capture the illegal disorderly parking behavior in the city. 640000, disorderly parking area was snapped up into red valley beach district wanda plaza surrounding area.
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