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Nanjing a ridiculous owner: 'handcuffs' lock 'razor' lighting - car Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Xinhuanet nanjing on August 5 (Reuters) - YuQiZhong thank sun room page) Known as 'handcuffs', 'razor' belongs to the instruments and equipment, is the people's police to uniform, constraint of criminal suspects. In line for the people's police law is special, other individuals and organizations may not hold and use. Recently, however, nanjing ten police brigade encountered a driver in the drunken driving control, possession of instruments was to 'lock' and 'light'. 10 PM on the night of August 2, the traffic police brigade 10 four squadrons mid-team leader Song Chunxi led squadron police in jurisdictions GeXin Road PuHuai sections for drunk driving. He noticed a on a car suspicious: not far suddenly coming slowdown pause a few seconds and then speed up. Song Chunxi come forward to stop stop it in accordance with the law and has yet to indicate identity driver will take the initiative to show his driver's license and vehicle license. After that identity, Song Chunxi for drivers to get off to accept checks, is sick man said he would not get off but the initiative requires the use of measuring instrument wine 'prove' that I wasn't drunk driving. Test results show that the driver does not drink, but Song Chunxi remains in doubt, he noticed that the driver has been eyes shine dare not in their eyes, too actively cooperate to be guilty. In a hurry off the car to be Song Chunxi stopped again. Police inspection on his car, as a result, pay high voltage to a root, type a pair of handcuffs. Police asked its access and use intentions, said he is driving through online shopping. Buy handcuffs because worry about car dug up by thieves from, used to lock the car, electric batons monopoly network, electricity is used for lighting. Such a ridiculous idea police felt more outrageous behavior. Then the driver and the car seized instruments have been handed over to the ge pond together police station for further investigation and handling. Police clew: the people's police police logo, uniforms, instruments, documents of the people's police, other individuals or organizations shall hold and use. Illegally manufacturing, selling, possession or use of the people's police police logo, uniforms, instruments, certificates, by the public security organ in detention less than 15 days or warning, can be concurrently fined not more than five times the illegal income; If the case constitutes a crime, electric batons, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.
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