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Nanjing man curious women privacy female bathroom installed cameras ( figure

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

the size of a cigarette lighter miniature camera
on Tuesday night, nanjing liuhe district a site management staff miss wang public female the bathroom in the dormitory after washes the bath ready to go out, but found that the size of the stuck on the door of the bathroom, have a lighter, she felt strange, make up a look, turned out to be a miniature camera recorder. Wang, immediately report to the police. That night, the police took control of the male staff, a special young man finally locked the ryu. At half past six male xuan correspondent
in the evening, liuhe order of two dormitory area according to alarm people came to the site investigation. Is miss wang's dormitory construction site management, dormitory living here is just graduated from civil professional young men and women. Miss wang said she was in a public bathroom shower, the shower found behind the bathroom door corner with a lighter, who thought the lighter stick behind the door, leaned forward, a circular camera apparently on this item. Learned that the dorm there lived a young man, but after work, everyone is scattered activities, who put the camera recorder, two young. They immediately to the night shift, and in charge of the forensic report, director xie.
thanks, director of the rushed to the scene, the dormitory area in the name of the young man, don't let them whisper. Then, xie, director of the design several questions to the alarm of miss wang, let her alone to consult the miniature camera video content, and then tell him. After then, miss wang refer to video, tell, director xie, video filming started to she found camera, this period of time some minutes, according to the time that the camera time is about some points in the evening. Then, one by one, isolation, director xie to question the young men in the dormitory. By comparing question situation, ruled out most irrelevant personnel, reduce the suspect on ryu and li mou. The two men after dinner to play games in the same office, but the way whether out of the situation, not enough proof to each other completely. Li mou said ryu midway went out to buy drinks, but ryu never mentioned the details. , director xie again talk with ryu alone, even though he does not admit, but seemed nervous. After more than two hours of questioning, director xie, ryu finally admitted to buy a camera online in the evening and place cameras in the bathroom.
then, ryu dormitory found the cable of the camera and SD card reader. Ryu said he at that time possessed by curious about women's privacy to do so, in the evening, he apologized to colleagues, miss wang. Ryu mistake attitude better, miss wang also forgive him, the police over his education. ( Reporter Ren Guoyong)

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