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Need to produce lighter steps

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

a: yuan open lighter factory is refers to the investors by the manual processing workshop assembly disposable lighters parts provided by the master, and sales of assembled lighter. At the beginning of the first domestic a affiliates in appear in yiwu, similar domestic affiliates shall not be less than now, in the domestic. 。 。
a: sure can make money. 。 。 。 Another channel has become the general investors profit easily. In huatian company production workshop, the broad masses of people can live experience lighters production process, after the instructor on the key steps, can easily grasp the lighter production technology. Century huatian company. 。 。
a: a, lighters and matches the different raw materials, disposable materials used in the gas lighter is ABS and AS plastic particles, butane gas, copper, iron, aluminum, flint, etc. , and matches the production of major raw material is wood, chromium, zinc, sulfur and other flammable compounds. Second, lighters and matches the production process flow. 。 。
a:) To determine whether the Zippo as original factory manufacturing in the United States, by experienced Zippo players, and completely had not contact Zippo to nothing. 。 。 。 。 Determine step) Place the hands, feel the weight. A general real heavier, fake is lighter. ) Open and close a few times with touch, vision, hearing to feel. 。 。
a: with the increase demand, lighter market also appeared the situation of production technology is uneven, the lighter sincere with fake and inferior products. This not only harm the interests of consumers, bring a lot of potential safety hazard to People's Daily life, at the same time also make regular lighter enterprise reputation losses. In order to. 。 。
a: yeah I need pneumatic how many yuan can make a match, is environmentally friendly. 。 。 。 Buy gifts online convenient and affordable, also fashion, I have a detailed shopping space steps and techniques. I in the online shopping experience is more, a lot of things really cheap online, choose and buy is also very convenient, I collected a lot. 。 。
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