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Network spread 'man was electric rod' video police confirmed that a man is beaten LeiMou untrue - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
The Beijing news alerts ( Reporter Li Yutong) Today, a & other; The man was hit electric batons & throughout; The video transmission on the Internet. Video, a young man's hands were cuffed, many man around handcuffed man around, trying to control them. Manacled man emotional, electric batons monopoly network, fell on the ground, then, a man in red imposed electric shocks, man struggled on the ground, a scream. Some netizens pointed out that electric batons, the man in the video is a LeiYang, before his death was controlled by handcuffs and electric shock. Today evening, Beijing police report has just been released, according to some online content for & other; A man was hit electric batons & throughout; Video, saying with suspicion of prostitution in changping police investigate the process of man LeiMou about sudden death. As is not true. The behavior of the police to use the Internet rumors, shall be investigated in accordance with the law.
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