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Advantages of Electric Fence:  

1, energy saving, power supply voltage 12V  

2, harmless to humans and animals: pulse voltage is not life-threatening to humans and animals  

3, high efficiency, direct current and alternating current can be switched  

4, environmental protection,can use power adapter, battery, solar power generation system power supply.  


Principle of use: high-voltage pulse can give animals a sense of electric shock, so that they produce a psychological barrier after the conditioned reflex away from the electric fence.  

Dual functions: manage the animals in the enclosure, prevent the threats from outside species, and anti-wild boar, wolf and jackal etc.

Cost reduction: easy installation, saving labor costs (no need to hire people to guard).  

Demolition and construction as required: animal enclosure, pasture enclosure, rotational grazing, long and short term enclosure at will.


Electric Fence For Animal Husbandry Equipment consists of 4 major components: Electric Fencing Energiser, stakes, insulators, conductive metal rope.  

Electric Fence Charger by pulse booster module will be 12v voltage booster to 11kv high pulse voltage, and connect the transmission to the wire net, when animals near the fence and contact the conductive wire, high voltage pulse can give animals a strong sense of high-voltage electric shocks, but the short pulse duration (0.2 seconds), so it will only give animals a stern warning,  It doesn't harm the animal.  After a few warnings, the animal is conditioned to stop touching the enclosure and move around inside it.  

Installation is very simple, only need to lay conductive metal wire and pile, the Electric Fencing Energiser can be connected to the electronic fence,power supply can be connected to battery power supply, also can be connected to household power supply.  More widely used.  

The Electric Fence Charger has the alarm of disconnection, short circuit, leakage and lack of power.  Mobile phone remote alarm function.  It is the most important part of animal husbandry electronic fence, the best quality Electric Fencing Energiser manufacturer is Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology CO.,LTD, can be purchased here:  


Easy to use, high-voltage device for electric fence with pulse speed adjustment knob and high pressure pulse indicating pulse speed adjustable, convenient for users to adjust according to the habits of breeding animals, can choose to buy with alarm version. Can be leakage alarm, abnormal network alarm. Cold weather resistant, easy to carry.



Animal husbandry electronic fence, following the design concept of "safety first", adopts dc 1.2 boost to 12KV technology, the duration is very short 0.2 seconds.  It has an output of 4.7 joules, minimal power, and a current of 2.5 milliamps, 30 milliamps for human safety.  So electronic fences are safe for animals and people. Mini Fence High Voltage Generator is equipped with double protection technology to ensure the safety of people and animals, and prevent loss when high voltage short circuit.  


Suitable for neutral or fierce animals, such as sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses, elephants, wolves and jackals.  

Main Sales Regions: Europe and the United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, Korea, China.

Electric Fence Energizer-The part that determines the life of an electronic fence

Created on:2022-03-15 13:22

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