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The High Voltage Transformer For Electric Pig Paddle can be customized


The main function of the animal shock stick is to produce electric shock sound, and slight electric shock sensation, to stimulate the livestock to achieve the effect of driving.  The sizes of Electric Livestock Prod on the market are almost the same, so Tianwang conventional Electric Pig Paddle can be applied to most customers. Of course, some customers need to customize voltage or size according to their own needs. 


The following is to introduce the dimensions of several common high voltage modules for Electric Livestock Prod. Electric Pig Paddle high voltage generator transformer are generally 3.7V and 7.4V input voltage, and the output voltage is generally around 9-11kV. 


There are also customers need higher power high voltage module used to drive sheep and cattle, if you have other needs, welcome to inquire.  Of course, we recommend not to use special high-power high-voltage modules in general, because it may be too stimulating to the livestock, so that the livestock have a stress response.  


Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology CO.,LTD research and development and production of high voltage module pulse high voltage, Electronic Stock Prodders high voltage module, high power high voltage module, high voltage package, igniter and other high voltage electronic products for 30 years, with R & D experience, production experience, sales experience, can better serve customers, if you have high voltage module product demand, you are welcome to call the consultation. 

The High Voltage Transformer For Electric Pig Paddle can be customized

Created on:2022-07-27 17:58

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