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We are located on the beautiful Yangtze River,there are not only produced high voltage generator products,There are also many precious trees,Today let me introduce a 150-year-old blood plant tree from the  pulse high voltage package manufacturer.

Plant refers to the HardleafOatchestnut tree, which belongs to the plant kingdom, beech and Fagaceae. Its lifespan is very long, its leaves are evergreen,and its branches and leaves are strongly resistant to toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide. Can make food. Most of them are grown in low mountains and hills below 1000m above sea level.

The lifespan of HardleafOatchestnut tree is very long, its leaves are evergreen, and its branches and leaves are strongly resistant to toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide. The nuts produced by the bitter tree are brown with fine hairs on them. From flowering to fruiting, the flowering period of HardleafOatchestnut tree is usually in May, and the fruits will become ripe in October and fall off naturally.

HardleafOatchestnut tree, 5-10 meters high, 15 meters thin, 30-50cm chest diameter, shallow longitudinal crack of bark, flaky peeling, gray branchlets, scattered sepiholes, the year's branches are reddish brown, slightly ribbed, branches and leaves are not hairy. Leaves two rows, leaves leathery, oblong;

Oval or both obovate Oval, 7-15cm long and 3-6cm wide, the top is gradually pointed or abruptly pointed, short tail-shaped, the base is close to round or wide wedge-shaped, usually one side is slightly short and skewed, the leaf margin has serrated sharp teeth above the middle part, and rarely has full edge leaves;

There is a big blood plant in the garden of Jiangsu Tianwang dc high voltage module factory, which has been 150 years. It is about 4 storeys high and the trunk is thick and straight. If you gently open a layer of bark, you will find it is red inside, so it is called blood plant. The leaves of the tree are oval-shaped or oval, the top gradually turns into needle-shaped, the base is wedge-shaped or round, and there are sharp serrated teeth on the edge or above the middle part.

Jiangsu Tianwang high voltage transformer manufacturers are committed to providing customers with high voltage generator,
pulse high voltage package, dc high voltage module,high voltage transformer.
We also produce electrostatic sparyers.the sprayer that can make the sprayed mist droplets produce a significant electrostatic enveloping and adsorption effect. Compared with ordinary sprayers, the mist that produces electrostatic environmental protection adsorption effect is very delicate, and evenly covers all parts of the sprayed objects such as plants and crops.Welcome to Jiangsu Tianwang  high voltage transformer small garden.

150-year-old Tree of High Voltage Transformer Factory

Created on:2022-09-15 10:14

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