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How do gas-fired pulse igniter manufacturers respond to Typhoon


Gas-fired pulse igniter manufacturers Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology CO.,LTD,On the afternoon of September 14, we received the message that Typhoon Muifa would hit the land, and there would be a strong wind of 6-8,”Plum blossom” landing point near Zhejiang, Shanghai to undertake the strongest wind and rain. Zhejiang Shaoxing, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Taizhou and Jiaxing, Shanghai and other places saw heavy rain to extremely heavy rain, the plum Blossom will cross Jiangsu from southern to northern Jiangsu and enter the Yellow Sea this evening, passing Jingjiang, the city where the combustion high voltage transformer factory is located. It will be the third time that the "plum blossom" has made landfall in China, which can still maintain tropical storm force when it makes landfall.

combustion high voltage transformer

A notice was immediately sent out by the leader of combustion high voltage transformer production department, among the company's staff, gas-fired pulse igniter all workers should pay close attention to media reports about the typhoon and take preventive measures in time.


1. Check the safety of outdoor air conditioners and billboards, and reinforce them in time.Check the circuit safety, pay attention to the floor heating igniter box canteen fire, gas and other facilities are safe, prevent fire.Prepare a flashlight (the high voltage self defense flashlight produced by the company has the function of a flashlight), drinking water and common medicines, in case of urgent need. Close the doors and Windows and check that they are secure.

Strong winds may blow down the warehouse corridor stacked for delivery of the floor heating igniter box, before the arrival of the typhoon, to timely transfer to a safe area in the house.


2. During the typhoon, try not to go out to walk, if I had to go out, should bow will be tight body into a ball, wear a raincoat, wear a good rain hat, likewise, fasten walk, in the combustion high voltage transformer factory, step by step walk slowly, like floor heating over the years the development of the igniter case workshop, one step at a time, forward steadily.


3. Pay attention to traffic safety and slow down. For cyclists, it is recommended to be picked up by leaders of the gas-fired pulse igniter department and take buses instead.


4. Typhoons deep into the land may cause traffic paralysis, subway suspension, and affect the normal operation of the city. Typhoon landing still can not be underestimated its strength, we must remain vigilant heart, for the sake of safety, suspended to Shanghai port exports of the floor heating igniter box, such as the typhoon stopped and then shipped.


All department heads of the company are requested to pay great attention and take precautions in the next two days. During this period, keep mobile phones unblocked.


We hereby inform you!

September 14, 2022

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How do gas-fired pulse igniter manufacturers respond to Typhoon

Created on:2022-09-15 15:56

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