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plasma generator power supply sales and delivery process

Through the process of standardized operation procedures, to ensure the company's plasma generator power supply sales and delivery of the warehouse timely and accurate.

All sales departments high voltage plasma generator sales must comply with:

(1)Inform the warehouse first, consult whether the warehouse has inventory. As long as the warehouse has cold plasma generators, shall not be shipped from the workshop;

(2)To the financial department to open a delivery note, and indicate the number of pieces, weight, convenient financial statistics of freight, vouchers to the warehouse stamp cold plasma generator delivery;

⑶ If there is no high voltage plasma generator in the warehouse, do not get the goods directly from the workshop, the warehouse pipe must go to the scene to confirm with the inspector, and have the signature of the three parties on the delivery sheet, to get the plasma generator power supply directly from the workshop.  After the fact, timely to the financial invoice sent to the warehouse. The inspector shall hand over the quantity to the warehouse with the delivery order. The delivery form shall be kept by the inspector.

The daily delivery must be notified to the warehouse before 3 o 'clock, and to the finance before 5 o 'clock.


If it is found that the sales staff does not according to the process of direct shipment from the workshop, a fine of 100 yuan, supervised by Qiu Chen, issue the "not according to the sales delivery process of the delivery of fines sheet", pay the fine on the spot.

Effective from January 2003.

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plasma generator power supply sales and delivery process

Created on:2022-12-06 14:55

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