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With people's attention to the surrounding air quality, a negative ion generator air purifier on the market quickly attracted the attention of consumers, bringing a storm of buying, making the air purifier with negative ion generator become a dark horse in the field of air purifier. Today we will reveal the mystery of the negative ionizer air purifier , let's explore the reasons why it so quickly seized the market.


Negative ion generator air purifier, it is a kind of use of portable negative ion generator, air purification of negative ions, purification of formaldehyde, dust removal, improve the prevention of respiratory diseases, improve sleep, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, clear free radicals in the body method, can reduce blood viscosity, in addition to taste (second-hand smoke), disinfection electrical environment optimization.It is different from the traditional air purifier in the negative ion effect factor, the active capture of harmful substances in the air, and the traditional air purifier is the fan, the use of mesh filter dust to purify the air, known as the passive filter adsorption principle, the need to replace the filter element regularly. Negative ionizer air purifier needs a neg ion generator. The negative ions with small particle size have good biological activity and are easy to enter the human body through the blood-brain barrier to play their biological role.

Negative ion synthesis and storage of vitamins not only help the human body, enhance and activate the physiological activities of the human body, so it is also known as the "air vitamin", it is considered to be the food of vitamins, beneficial to the human body and other organisms, life also has a very important impact, such as thunderstorm weather, the increase in the number of negative ions in the air, make people happy. In air-conditioned rooms, after a series of air conditioning purification treatments and long ventilation ducts, the negative ions in the air almost disappeared. People who spend too much time in the air can experience chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, decreased productivity and health, which is known as "air-conditioning syndrome". In the medical community, negative ions are recognized as an effective means to kill germs and purify the air. The main mechanism lies in the combination of negative ions with bacteria, which causes structural changes or energy transfer of bacteria, leading to the death of bacteria and finally sinking into the ground. Medical research shows that the negative electric particles in the air increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is conducive to the transport, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen, and has the ability to promote human metabolism, improve human immunity, strengthen human muscles and regulate the balance of body functions. Research has shown that negative ions can inhibit, relieve and assist in the treatment of nearly 30 diseases in 7 major systems of the human body, especially the health care of the human body. The efficacy of negative ionizer air purifier has long been recognized by national authorities and a series of standards have been issued, but I will not say much here.

The most important thing to choose a negative ion generator air purifier is to look at the high voltage neg ion generator technology used in the product. Only products with cutting-edge technology that meet the above two points can release high concentration, high activity of small particle size anions, and no derivatives. The high voltage generator of negative ion generator produced by Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology CO.,LTD is the world's leading. Using this kind of high voltage ion generator can create a pure negative ion environment, realize the comprehensive purification of indoor air, and create the effect of "sanitarium" indoors.

The latest technology of modern electronics is adopted to achieve DC negative high voltage through low-voltage pulse, and a large number of electrons (e-) are released at a high speed through advanced DC high corona. Electrons cannot exist in the air for a long time (only nS exists in electronic life), but will be immediately captured by oxygen (O2) in the air to form negative ions. Negative ions can cause invisible micron particles such as PM2.5 in the air to attract and collide with positive and negative ions to form molecular clusters and settle to the ground. Negative ion generator air purifier is characterized by fast inactivation speed and high inactivation rate, and it has inactivation effect on microorganisms, bacteria and viruses on the surface of air and articles.

Air purifier with neg ion generator revealed

Created on:2022-12-17 08:58

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