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After the epidemic control was fully liberalized, the number of positive infections across the country has increased day by day, and many families and units have basically been wiped out. Facing the turbulent epidemic, how should each family and each factory protect themselves?
Experts give 5 practical suggestions:
1. Wash hands frequently and maintain good respiratory hygiene habits
2. Enhance physical fitness and immunity, keep the environment clean and ventilated
3. Minimize activities in crowded places and pay attention to symptoms
4. The role of hand washing in the prevention of respiratory diseases, correct hand washing is one of the most effective measures to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections.
5. Use masks correctly
More people are beginning to pay attention to air quality, which reflects the degree of air pollution and is judged based on the concentration of pollutants in the air. Air pollution is a complex phenomenon, and the concentration of air pollutants at a specific time and place is affected by many factors. The emission of man-made pollutants from stationary and mobile pollution sources is one of the most important factors affecting air quality, including vehicle, ship, and aircraft exhaust, industrial pollution, residential living and heating, and garbage incineration. Urban development density, topography and weather are also important factors affecting air quality.
In addition, the concentration of "negative oxygen ions" is one of the signs of good or bad air quality. Negative ions can generally kill the new coronavirus, and in addition to killing the coronavirus on the surface of objects, it can also kill various bacterial tissues and other It is recommended to use it under the guidance of professionals.
Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for 32 years. It is a professional production enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's products include: negative air ionizer series, plasma ion generator series, ozone generator module series, high voltage electrostatic power supply series, high and low frequency transformer series, high voltage package series, plasma module series and igniter series, etc.


Can negative ions kill the new coronavirus?

Created on:2023-01-05 14:29

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