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Next to the gas burner assembly lighter packing into 'apple' brand

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

cixi news dispatch date, palm up safety jointly with relevant departments, an illegal assembly in the jurisdiction of the lighter, all the more lighter, more semi-finished goods lighter, and carried out.
morning, reporters follow law enforcement officers arrived at the folded a second-floor rental room of home village, here is a small cigarette lighter factory. In the outhouse with already assembled in the kitchen and lighters lighters and semi-finished goods, even the gas range are stacked is assembling lighters, once if the gas leak, the consequence is unimaginable. Accessories, lighters need everything here. These lighters after filling the air from the outside, then move to the house. According to law enforcement personnel, they have been on the rented room touch, every time is the door shut, it is difficult to enter the site. Reporter discovery, these lighters are wind device, finished product and illegal printing the 'apple' brand. Due to the 'apple' products on the market relatively popular, so they use consumer pursuit of brand, lighter packing into 'apple' brand, in order to improve sales. Law enforcement personnel introduces, this lighter if sales in the market, each available. Yuan, in the general store retail - village of smoke Yuan.
  - Reporter wei-wei xu correspondent Mao Lei susceptibility
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