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Next to the radiator cannot put lighter - Grind arenaceous lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

next to the radiator can't put lighter radiator because exposed, in addition to the radiator itself in sealing, also requires the shape and style of the radiator can not cause harm to human body, families with children especially pay attention to in the home. And one of the most common because of injury to the radiator is burns and expansion. According to understand, gas boiler water temperature in ℃ or so, after entering the radiator temperature probably around ℃, radiator surface temperature is controlled in ℃, with the hand touch the radiator will feel very hot very hot, even but not scald, because people have ego to protect consciousness, but remember that it's next to the radiator do not place flammable items such as lighters, just in case accident. In addition, the radiator occasionally need to vent, because this is a closed system, basic does not have air into the, if have the need of exhaust, had better ask professional engineering maintenance personnel to handle, to avoid scald.
according to reporter understanding, whether electricity floor heating or water heating floor, because the whole area of the ground produces heat, in order to ensure the heating effect, in the process of normal use, the heating area is not suitable for long-term airtight cover, like a blanket. Beverage and food, etc and not on the ground, because this is a process of heating, easier to let these things go bad. At the time of the daily clean, like normal floor, with dry wet mop mop the floor, be careful not to have water.


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