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No cigarette lighters at home

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

if the pig three hundred million lighters, enough to put a football field, including shooting area covered. Cm thick layer. ZIPPO produced more than three hundred million lighters have lifelong maintenance service, a spare. The first generation of ZIPPO has become collectors bag, have been the years prototype replica of price is much higher than that of the conventional ZIPPO. From the first zippo lighters, the birth of zippo lighters no. 。 。
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it besides the beauty of practicability and wind, each kind of Zippo is a work of art, has the collection value. ZIPPO's success lies in it to the quality and grasp of the shaped a belongs to own only, cannot duplicate product culture, because in the eyes of all users, ZIPPO is not only lighter, but also has a moving story of lighters, a trustworthy and accompany lifetime friend. Never in the world brand of cigarette lighter as the second. 。 。
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to create the most fashionable elements of cotton oil lighters, make its reveal their own personality and charm. Classic ZORRO machine, it is not just a simple lighters, but a fashion gifts, believe that people like it, also for life is full of hope and confidence. Let zorro inheritance forever. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Zorro lighters is homebred brand, but also the pride of national industry, so the enterprise to consumers care more, similar foreign products in China is no after-sales service department. 。 。
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  . Do not adjust the lighter didn't provide this kind of lighter flame height adjustable device, burning by the producers of the preset height. 。 Can automatically adjust the pipe provides a lighter such lighter when from upright to tilt can improve automatic flame height of the device, the device is specially designed for the pipe. 。 Put out a cigarette lighter after this kind of lighter lit requires continuous purposeful and active action, in order to maintain the flame, once stop action, automatic fire extinguishing. 。 Not go out. 。 。 Production -
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Dan hill's London invented by youth. Want to smoke at that time, he learned that the soldiers at the front is often because the match be affected with damp be affected with damp to ignition. So, he is determined to develop a portable and won't be affected with damp be affected with damp lighters, he later along with the help of a chemist and a consists of metal shell and the head of a cigarette lighter. After improving the lighter to years to put into mass production, most smokers in front haven't come yet. 。 。
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'it happened that day, my father and the children are not at home, only daughter and her younger sister at home. Tao ran to my home, took out the prepared lighter oil, pouring to me children lit on his head. 'Speaking of his daughter,. 。 。 Ms. Lee said, sadly, will only daughter in the hospital. 'We are working class, work in a supermarket, thousands of pieces of salary every month. Children follow-up care don't know what to do, home and no money to give. 。 。 Introduction of
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for confronting boy surnamed tao of courtship, and the other light spilled oil burning, disfigurement, Zhou Yan face, neck, severe burns, an ear also burn, burn area more than % as a whole. 。 。 。 But it also failed to TaoRuKun. To him, Zhou Yan also once out of school at home. Years, Zhou Yan to return to school, let a Ms. Li did not expect is that Zhou Yan less than a month to return to school. 。 。
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  ( - ) Nickname & amp; Years, Zhou Dahu soda factory bankruptcy, wife of wenzhou to pvi, then she is at home. 'I found that do. 。 。
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