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Note - high voltage stick use and care Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Shock machine usage is simple, in self-defense electric batons above generally have a safety device, is used to switch electric shocks and lighting, electric shock when not lighting, lighting can't click, switch needs to press a switch, so that we can guarantee the safety of users and small make up recommend you safety, quality assurance of the security equipment electric batons. In addition to the insurance, it is two switches, one is the electric switch, one is the light switch, part of the model and an alarm switch! Electric batons maintenance: 1, do not store in damp place at low temperature or ultra high temperature environment, not in the sun, the rain 2, to extend the service life, avoid electric shock 10 seconds more than 3 consecutive, ban on metal objects shock 4, need not when to charge every month, not a little haven't still use electricity, will reduce battery life.
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