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NPC and CPPCC down the successful completion of the public security - security stability task Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Sichuan news net guangyuan March 19 - ( Maliyam) In order to ensure the ring of sichuan and channel into Beijing to smooth social overall situation, public security in accordance with the superior public security organs shall be responsible for the deployment of the air, in order to 'safe' as the goal, adhere to the highest, the strongest measures to highlight the real effect, the successful completion of the national 'two sessions' security stability task. Period, 252 person-time, police vehicles were 54, check 1850 vehicles, staff 11902 people, including 1 advised against petitioners into Beijing, seized drug criminal case 7, 19 drug addicts, electric batons, seized at large personnel 1 person, confiscate the 24 the knives, electric shock stick 6, correct the traffic law 58 people, handed over to the high-speed traffic police to deal with 24 people. Combined with the actual, reasonable set up card points. NPC and CPPCC in security since the launch of stabilisation mission public security respectively on the high speed of sichuan Seven set off) Toll station and 108 national highway two set security check card points, organized ZhaKong work earnestly, full service 'two meetings' of the country. According to the level of service mode to carry out the investigation work, be 'on every car will check', 'on every suspected will check', for transit vehicles and personnel, goods inspection, to ensure that the 'two sessions' during no major case event, no safety accidents. To strengthen the study and standardize law enforcement inspection. Stick to check while learning, organization of all the people ( Auxiliary) P study Ministry of Public Security 'road public security checkpoint ZhaKong service must be' 'ten' and 'public security checkpoints on the roads suspected will check guidelines' and other relevant provisions, efforts to improve the ZhaKong police vehicles and disposal of emergency ability; Period, according to the real and solid, and yan yan, the thin thin ZhaKong requirements, earnestly perform their duties according to the task, to plug loopholes, resolutely eliminate hidden dangers, always follow rationality, peace, civilization and standardize law enforcement concept, adhere to standardize law enforcement, civilization on duty, show a good image of the police. More promotion, strive for the support to cooperate. Combining the reality of jurisdiction, extensive publicity and education activities, one is to take investigation and police district bureau of mass work personnel to the way of combining intensify propaganda guidance, points to smile much a salute, for the majority of passengers take to do a good job of propaganda to placate. 2 it is to perform center to do, is pregnant women, the elderly, babies, and for the car did not carry the relevant certificates but open a green channel can remember id number of the staff, quick check quick release, strive to get past the understanding and cooperation.
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