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On-board handcuffs electric batons cross-provincial child - 'education' Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Police searched from inside out two pair of handcuffs, a root electric batons, and a bundle of wires. Reporters Qin Yuan taken evening news hotline 85608110 messages ( Reporter Cheng Ying correspondent LuBin YangHaoRui) Grand 22 at 11:00 am, xuzhou at public security checkpoint in police Su Wan toll station on duty, routine inspection on a licence of hunan car, from the bridge and the back seat ferret out two pairs of handcuffs, a electric batons, and a bundle of wires. After the pilot Zou Mou and rear two men asked, civilian police learned that electric batons monopoly network, the original Zou Mou carry instruments is to engage in 'youth counselling. Grand as we have learned, at the public security checkpoint in the inspection on the car, police found that the driver is very panic, then found in the cabin door hole with a pair of handcuffs, just get off at the policeman asked the driver to accept checks, the pilot run, the police quickly under control is already prepared. Through inspection, police from driving indoor and backseat ferret out two pairs of handcuffs, a electric batons, and a bundle of wires. Zou Mou said, he is a youth counseling school staff, changsha, hunan recruit students of the school face the nation, said office is engaged in the education of bad rebellious teenagers, and spend money through sites such as baidu for nationwide promotion, attract the attention of parents across. Zou Mou when checked with the two men, hired from hunan to linyi, is to take an online sign up parents of children back to school to accept education and Zou Mou metasomatism, carry items such as handcuffs wire is used to bound hand and foot, students didn't expect to linyi checkpoint civilian police seized. From Zou Mou onboard training contract, indicating the training fees and requirements: students training costs twenty thousand six months, the transport costs five thousand, content is to help the rebellious youth correction withdrawn, disgusted, skipping classes, such as fighting, drug use by parents speak through the heart of bad behavior, and required training period, the parents may not have any contact with children, and that children in this period appear the injury accident, the parents take full responsibility. Zou Mou said that school children are their parents discipline, electric batons, do regular school, the teacher can do, parents have no choice, just to show their school twenty thousand, put them in tube. He meant to this time can advise would persuade, cannot be advised directly tied the kid to the back, and then to his subjects. Now it is under further investigation and handling, and illegal Zou Mou buy and hold XieJu was handed over to the police district police station for further processing.
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