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On chapter 80 called mandarin ducks. . . Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
'Continue to walk, don't tube & # 12290; 'Said east margin is heavy cold & # 12290; 'But' 'directly in the past,' the eastern margin eyes don't blink & # 12290; Driver was afraid, but he told us, so can only crustily skin of head to open the & # 12290; Their car drove past directly, but has not been implicated the & # 12290; Small sea siu-tong turned to look, just see a man shot out of a car & # 12290; If she didn't admit, that person should be TaoYi & # 12290; How did he come here on a mission, catch criminals? Little TaoYi siu-tong looking at sea, the east yu has seen his & # 12290; His eyes, flashing a complex expression & # 12290; nobody knows Small sea siu-tong when they arrive at the airport, others have the & # 12290; Eastern margin this time with a special help, two secretaries, five of the company's elite, and ten bodyguards started off the & # 12290; Shanghai small siu-tong, them a total of 20 people & # 12290; But there is no Lin Xin son & # 12290; Small sea siu-tong doubt, why didn't Lin Xin shangbeizi, eastern margin and clear with her ah & # 12290; Small sea siu-tong suddenly, perhaps because in this life, Lin Xin revoked the secretary director seats, so can't go along the & # 12290; Shangbeizi she is yu, chief secretary of the east, where nature is eastern margin, where she will follow the & # 12290; She can't do in my life, the chief secretary, much less with the eastern margin of opportunities & # 12290; So they will do there together, she will inadvertently called mandarin ducks calculate, tube can they together, just the east yu Ken and her divorce & # 12290; Small sea siu-tong paranoia, didn't notice the & # 22823; Home to boarding the & # 12290; East yu suddenly grabbed her wrist, 'small sea siu-tong, hair what stay, set off' 'ah' small sea siu-tong just recovered, he was dragged to security & # 12290; On the first class, the sea small siu-tong didn't know how much the east margin & # 22823; The & # 12290; The whole class were his package, only they 20 passengers & # 12290; She and east margin sat is the most comfortable seat in the first row of the & # 12290; Stewardess very enthusiastic to their service, it should be said, have enthusiasm to serve the east margin of the sea small siu-tong took out a sunglasses to wear & # 12290; She didn't want to be flight attendants have intention to not intentional of conjecture 'could you please tell me what kind of drink would you like to drink two? ' the stewardess came smiling asked & # 12290; 'Coffee & # 12290; 'Eastern margin eye also don't lift, continue stared at the files in the & # 12290; 'A good & # 12290; Ms you? 'asked the stewardess sea small siu-tong & # 12290; Small sea siu-tong didn't eat breakfast, a little hungry, on the plane just feel more uncomfortable the & # 12290; 'Have to eat give me something to eat & # 12290; '' sorry, electric batons, this time we haven't lunch, can you wait a little, & # 22823; Almost an hour later '' two sandwiches, a glass of milk' east yu suddenly say the & # 12290; Stewardess one leng, then she didn't argue, incredibly miracle nodded, 'yes, two please wait & # 12290; 'The small sea siu-tong:' discriminatory 'do you want to so obvious a flight attendant brought a sandwich and milk soon, eastern margin but all is for the small sea siu-tong & # 12290; She glance at his light, 'is not enough to eat besides the & # 12290; 'He said, when she is foolish ah sea young siu-tong picked up a sandwich, & # 22823; Mouth & # 22823; Mouth bite the & # 12290; C city to the airport highway & # 12290; Recently staged a gangster film together two suspects were arrested, a lot of the police is the exploration & # 12290; Police chief went to TaoYi, & # 22823; Say with smile: 'TaoShaoJiao, this time thanks to you, or to let them escape the & # 12290; Recommend a nice romantic fiction baidu search '/' just for love for you'
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