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On the foreign tourists on trip around the indecent was made

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

shaanxi party school vice principal indecent according to Chinese valentine's day in the house of female graduate students: on Friday night, a group referred to as shaanxi provincial party committee party school vice principal Qin Guogang nude on the Internet has been a large number of forwarding. A weibo netizens Posting says Qin Guogang by promising to marry as bait, keep relationship with female graduate students in school more than a year, then he and his wife, the female students in the office.

the rumours that singing Japanese detective conan theme song popular singer on the original Ann lives taken into reported today. Date of the netizens on the original movie posters, poster has a lot of indecent photos. For on the original stays in the sea of rumors have not been before, but the net friend out of the singer on the original Ann lived long and comparing the original knot clothing pictures, find is the same person, including the mole on her right shoulder the birthmark on her face, right and left ear on the small meatball, director of all exactly the same.

a few days ago, a paper entitled 'beibei district party committee LeiZhengFu video of articles on the Internet, containing indecent video screenshots. Through the investigation to verify, the discipline inspection commission recently on the Internet the circulating indecent men in the video as beibei district party committee LeiZhengFu; Research committee, revoke LeiZhengFu beibei district party committee office, and the investigation. Intensified LeiZhengFu events, each big also to buzz LeiZhengFu events.
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