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Online sales 'coyotes self-defense electric stick' equipment is 3 without the product more hidden danger - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Rent in the provincial capital near south 2nd ring girl will spend 20 yuan xiao li bought a bottle of pepper spray from the Internet, & other; Unit to work overtime sometimes go back late, recently saw an accident a lot, just carry some self-defense, one thousand meet with bad people, encounter. ” But the quality of a bottle of pepper spray is let her rest assured, not blur on the bottle, a see be 3 without the product, she tried to spray a, gush out of the fog smells like pepper spray, indeed very pungent, but the injection time, bottle of button is stuck, can own the trim again, & other; This one thousand really meet the bad guys, button is not working, have the time to repair? ” Xiao li said. Reporters yesterday in a shopping website search & other; Self-defense equipment & throughout; , find as many as tens of thousands of kinds of goods, ranging from 10 yuan of pepper spray, alarm, dozens of strong light, there are hundreds of yuan yuan's self-defense electric batons, self-defense, pointed shoes, etc. In a shop that sells defend Wolf alarm, an egg-shaped alarm price 18 yuan, 30 days sales reached more than 15000, the alarm system as an egg-shaped key pendant, can be hung on package or keys, when faced with danger, ring the alarm can be sent 120 decibels of noise, the bad away. There is a small electric batons, defense can emit light, and can be used as electric batons, can let the bad people lose resistance in 20 seconds, this time enough women run to a safe place. Look carefully, however, most & other; Throughout the Wolf &; The packing of the goods all have no production date, name, address, no QS quality identification, is basically & other; 3 without & throughout; Products, the reporter asked a shop, why there is no manufacturer name and address of product packaging, the shop owner said, have to do is ensure the quality, a lot of people buy, there would be no problem. In addition to the quality problems that may occur, many & other; Throughout the Wolf &; Ban on carrying weapons also belong to the police control devices, such as electrical products do not allow people to keep and bear, so some online stores electric batons were in private transactions, bypass the normal network marketing platform. Police remind people to buy the Wolf equipment carefully touch law red line, also want to avoid excessive defense when used. Women should pay attention to avoid or separately to the quiet place to go out alone at night.
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