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by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

quit don't quit lighters
the lighter is what we often see in daily life, especially in smokers, there are few without a cigarette lighter, and convenient to buy and the price is not expensive, but is not collectible lighters. Citizens Li Lixian is like to collect lighters.
'older now, in order to stay healthy gave up smoking two years before, I used a chain-smoker, a pack a day is not enough, a pocket on the desk is always easy to put on a lighter to light, because the child had me on my birthday a few high-grade cigarette lighter, it aroused my interest in the cigarette lighter', lee such tales about his collection.
just started collecting Mr. Li is only interested in the design of lighter, do not know much about other things, with the deepening of the collection, he gradually came to know that actually like to collect antiques collection lighter, cultured is what quality and s, lighters, too. These are modern collection scope, cigarette lighter, for example, s, texture, all have to pay attention to the brand. Mr Li said their collections or not a collection. But play old lighter is a complex, although unlike a lot of history of antique, lighter but the birth of many years, until the years, the United States to have official lighter collection association. When not to explore the prototype of the cigarette lighter was born in, people often assume that a modern lighter was born in the second world war, and kerosene lighter, before this in the trenches of world war ii lighter has many wonderful collection. In texture, for example, silver, copper, ordinary plastic pieces, these are all you might meet if no special circumstances plastic minimum value, s at the latest. May be some people ask me how I have not seen silver, copper lighters, actually the old copper is the mainstream in the kerosene lighter, some ancient silver shell. Compared with other collections collect lighters, there is a good fake. The lighter is not fake, if a copy machine, then the machine will be flooded, on sight. There is currently no tens of thousands of yuan, the price of the machine so that a single pure imitation or not worth it. Is generally more common is the replacement of parts, the parts are then processed with, this is very common. And even the same brand of the same type of lighters have even bigger nuances, this has to do with batch and factory. Is not to say that with a particular brand of the machine must be the same. For example, the machines will have the same design subtle gap. This is the template of batch, and decided to use the template. May also night patrol pattern, some machines are lifelike characters, some characters facial features like the dough.

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