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Outbound Chinese tourists line 'tip' don't give also remember this - travel - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
The lunar New Year holiday, many people choose outbound travel. According to China's tourism research institute predicted that this year the lunar New Year holiday outbound passengers will reach 6. 5 million, electric batons, size for most of history. In the outbound tourists, some went to Mexico, but encountered some unpleasant experiences. Some Chinese citizens reflect the Mexican side the immigration officer at the time of entry verification ask them for individual & other; Tips & throughout; 。 In fact, in addition to Mexico, and some national customs officers have ask Chinese tourists to tip the behavior of some Chinese tourists therefore suffered officer of violence. Mexico: some Chinese citizens in ink entry by demanding & other Tips & throughout; On February 15, the Chinese embassy in Mexico site report, recently, Chinese citizens stuck in Mexico City international airport on the entry and exit of transit cases. At the same time, some Chinese citizens reflect the Mexican side the immigration officer at the time of entry verification ask them for individual & other; Tips & throughout; 。 The Chinese embassy in Mexico has made representations with ink. Mexico has given responded that Mexico is adjacent to the United States, immigrants and immigration policy is very strict, for all citizens equally. Mexico will investigate China proposed a bribe problems, hope that Chinese citizens can timely, assist in Mexico in law enforcement. Actually not only is in Mexico, a lot of Chinese tourists abroad have encountered the customs officers ask for tips, some visitors are under pressure to, others did not give. Also some Chinese tourists so experienced officer of violence. This video is taken on the evening of May 2nd 2016, Vietnam bud ZhuangJinLan international airport the immigration staff ask Chinese tourists to RMB 10 tips. A mother with little girl refused to give a tip, Vietnam away to buckle under the child's passport, asked her mother to pay 100 RMB to through. Taken in the net friend of the scene in the video, you can see there is away, even take out the stun guns waving to the tourists. Exposure events, nha trang airport staff involved was suspended the investigation. This period of video taken in Indonesia customs, shooting time is in March 2017, the picture in the blue shirt man is a Chinese tourists, he took out the wallet before the immigration counter. Video of the photographer is behind him waiting for Chinese tourists. According to the photographer, enter Indonesia, customs into Chinese tips - 100 300 yuan, only accept Chinese. Outbound travel is demanding & other; Tips & throughout; How to do? According to international practice, even if you have obtained a country visa, relevant countries also has the right to refuse entry without reasons. Therefore advise Chinese tourists before entry to fill in the disembarkation card and customs declaration form correctly, to deal with landing visa, ready in advance tickets and hotel booking sheet material, don't give each other through space. Here to remind you that if you encounter for tips, please don't pay, and record the other information in a timely manner. Injustice against in case of an emergency, or a dispute, can contact the local embassy, and collects and keeps good evidence, so that in the future through the judicial way solution or complaints.
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