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Outbound tourists love to use portable wifi - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
China national tourism administration, statistics show that in 2015 to 1, the number of outbound tourism in our country. 200 million, first in the world for the third consecutive year. The United Nations world tourism organization ( unwto) Has predicted that in 2016 China will continue to remain the world's largest outbound tourism market. Global tourism industry in 2016 is expected to increase 3. 5% to 4. 5%. Outbound travel outside the growing impetus of portable wifi demand rapid ascension. With the rising of network depend on the degree of the outbound tourism passengers, sustained release, as well as to the mobile network application demand overseas wifi market is showing a continuous high growth momentum. But the price is low, no traffic, and exit with wifi devices become the first selection of many people. An online travel agency recently released the 2015 ~ 2016 outbound wifi report shows, cost-effective, easy to use the exit of portable wifi rental service, is to catch up with international roaming operators, become China's outbound tourism users outside the mainstream of Internet connection. The personage inside course of study also said that along with the continuously penetration, online travel and free wifi abroad has become a outbound travel necessary communication tools, it is simple to use, many people sharing, low cost advantages to meet the needs of passengers anywhere on the Internet. When faced with the language many tourists traveling abroad and unfamiliar location problems, such as whether network book ticket, travel guides and traffic routes, cannot leave the network. According to the survey, choose 'outbound tourism, will use mobile Internet' accounted for up to 78% of respondents, embodies the tourists to the mobile Internet is highly dependent on. ( Chloe) Editor: huge amounts of keywords: tourists; Travel guide; Outbound travel; Love makes; Online travel related Vietnam airport denied beating Chinese tourists don't know if someone paid a lot of Chinese media reported that the conflict, some of which include passengers took Vietnam customs officers took pictures of electric shock stick. On May 5, reference news network reported, according to foreign media Vietnam nha trang gold orchid international airport director denied that the airport staff on May 2 as the plane delay lead to conflict, beating Chinese tourists. 2016 - 05 - 05 09:44:00 cry! Visitors were trapped inside by the South African elephants comprehensive report according to the siege of the web, on May 3, the daily mail reported recently, Kruger national park in South Africa, because go like a colony, a group of tourists have been stranded in the jeep was siege elephants. 'Video shows, electric batons, to avoid its cub threatened by the invaders, like a group of angry rushed to the jeep, which was full of tourists attacked them violently. 2016 - 05 - 05 09:21:00 tourist certificate problems lead to tourist complaints accounted for thirty percent of wuhan tourism tourist complaints reported yesterday quarter quality supervision and management law enforcement. Tourists documents have problems affect travel, accounted for thirty percent in the quarter of complaints. Mainly visitors exit certificates for breakage, drawings and other reasons, unable to exit costs lead to tourists. 2016 - 05 - 05 08:00:54 to participate in the discussion I want to say
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