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Ozone generator factory tell you 10 g ozone generator characteristics

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Ozone generator product features: 1) Ozone gas produced by ozone generator has strong oxidation, catalytic effect, such as viruses and bacteria due to a variety of the role of free radicals in the ozone gas, make the dissociation of protein denaturation, nucleic acid and enzyme activity is reduced, thereby disinfection sterilization purify the air; 2) Belongs to a broad spectrum of ozone sterilization, for all kinds of bacteria and viruses have strong exterminate action. 3) , carbon dioxide, ozone and formaldehyde, xylene and other poisonous and harmful gas is degraded, complicated physical and chemical reactions such as oxidation, and by-products nonpoisonous and harmless, can avoid secondary pollution. Ozone IMG_8725 decomposition time: 1, soluble in water, soluble in water after ozone has more strong sterilization ability, sterilization force of chlorine 3000 times. Ozone is decomposed into oxygen. 2, the half-life of ozone in water for about 20 minutes, under atmospheric pressure in the air the half-life is about 10 - For 30 minutes. Ozone will eventually be decomposed into oxygen. 3, ozone is a safe, no residues of oxidant, sterilization disinfectant, will not cause secondary pollution. The reaction of ozone itself can quickly back into oxygen and don't have to worry about chemical residue, also won't pose a threat to the living environment. Ozone generator sterilization ability: ozone has strong oxidation, has been the world recognized as a kind of broad-spectrum efficient disinfectant, chlorine oxidation ability is higher than a times as, sterilization 600 - faster than chlorine 3000 times, and even can kill bacteria, within a few seconds for the common e. coli, streptococcus faecalis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, mould, etc. , in the environment of the ozone for 5 minutes, the killing rate can reach more than 99%. Its role is almost instantaneous sterilization, disinfection, ozone concentration in water reaches 0. 3 - 2 mg/L, 0. 5 - Could kill bacteria within 1 min. Achieve the same sterilizing effect ( Such as e. coli bacteria killing rate of 99%) The ozone water dosage is only part of the chlorine 0. 0048%.
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