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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Xinhuanet Beijing on April 1 & other; Many time I saw the Chinese store was robbed stolen, but the police or whatever, or got people put in a few days, to no avail. ” 27, 19 district in Paris, France to participate in the demonstration of Chinese construction of liu told the Xinhua News Agency, he came to France to work has about 20 years and feel much the policeman was prejudiced against Chinese. He said indignantly, & other; The French police shot and killed the Chinese even now. Is this equality? France is dead! ” 【 Who's the boss open shot? 】 On the 26th night local time, 56 integration of overseas Chinese in Paris by French plainclothes police shooting in the home. Parts of the French media described the incident as police face behavior of justifiable defense assaulting a police officer, and according to the families of the dead, the plainclothes policemen broke in the night, without warning shots to day, 2 seconds after the shot directly to the dead, the dead don't come forward to the opportunity of assaulting a police officer. The French le parisien newspaper published stories, 29 night for shooting the rationality of the police used weapons. According to the report, the attendance personnel from 19 district police anti-crime brigade, the criminal police brigade are usually equipped with stun guns. The autopsy report showed that the dead are Swiss seeger on er ( Sig Sauer) 9 mm pistol shot in the left ventricle and death. The problem: police is equipped with a stun gun shoot, if so, why not stun guns? French Chinese lawyers association toysun told the Xinhua News Agency reporters in an interview, French for enforcement by the police shooting of limit stricter originally, but security deteriorated in recent years, anti-terrorism situation grim, France to modify the public safety, a new law passed by parliament in February 28. Toysun, said the new law eased the police opened fire in the process of law enforcement power, such as in the following five kinds of cases, the police have shot right: 1, in the face of the threat of armed personnel; 2, was unable to defend in other ways; 3, was attempting to escape, as a threat but there's no other way can stop; 4, the escape vehicle as a threat but no other way can stop; 5, has implemented the attackers to attempt to kill again. However, whether the police presence of right to shoot, but should follow & other; Proportionality & throughout; Principle that police shot and defense should be consistent and degree of danger. Toysun says the Liu Shaoyao case, the dead itself is a short man in his fifties, thing itself is not of emergencies, according to the families of the dead, before plain-clothed police introduction, introduction to 2 seconds after the shooting, rationality is very doubtful. 【 Protest! Protest! Protest! 】 Since Liu Shaoyao incident, Chinese living in Paris continue to protest against police violence law enforcement activities. From the Asian community, the Chinese community, and anti-racism groups are written on & overseas Chinese pull up other For the sake of peace and justice, against violence & throughout; “ Policeman: is it a protector & throughout; Words such as banners, lit candles, placed flowers before the 19th district police station. According to French hai-ping zhang, vice President of Asian societies alliance, the roc in Paris held large demonstrations are considering in accordance with the law. Protest police brutality of voice in Chinese also get support from the French. Reporters on the evening of 28 in 19 Chinese see demonstration site, electric batons, hundreds of protesters, the French people are everywhere. A man named John French students told reporters: & other; I come to be expressed support for the families of the dead, and to call for solving the problem of police violence in France. From this year's event theo to this thing, is the police violence should be cured in France. ” 【 “ The victims of the racism & throughout; 】 Liu Shaoyao events that Paris is the cause of Chinese public anger this event directly increase the insecurity of people. In the process of interviews in recent days, some Chinese said to reporter: & other; The police shot did not warn that take the door directly, it makes us feel scared. ” However, the deeper reason is that the French police have long low work efficiency as well as issues such as racial discrimination tendency to local Chinese bitterness already a long time. In local Chinese WeChat group and network BBS, poor Chinese people almost overwhelmingly condemned the French police, police law enforcement ability is insufficient, regrets are Chinese. China expert at the university of Paris' eighth Pierre & middot; Pickup day 29 with the Associated Press and 20 minutes newspaper in an interview with France, Chinese people are often the victims of racism in France, they habit because body with cash and easily become the target of violations, but the robbers thief has only been a lighter punishment, this makes Chinese people feel has not been fully protected. Plus because of language problems, certificates and lack is seriously feeling, her Chinese is not difficult to understand. He said: & other; Chinese people don't like to protest or express their views in public, so when they do so, means they are very, very angry, they have had enough of discrimination. ” ( Reporter Han Bing, xinhua international client report)
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