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pinggu is the dialect city pinggu district, in the language atlas of China, has been included in the ji lu mandarin mandarin dialect, is the only area of all the dialects do not belong to the mandarin dialect. Compared with dialect and words around, pinggu. 。 。 And the division of the pronunciation with the meaning of 'that', closely related to the usage of different distribution characteristics of pinggu dialect is closer to the west the closer, closer to the closer it gets to the words in the east. The use of the ping dialect in addition to the county people, there are flat. 。 。
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co. , LTD. , chengde, huafu glassware co. , LTD. , sea gray bone porcelain co. , LTD. , hualong industry group co. , LTD. Shanxi Province ( A) Taiyuan east lake vinegar garden, new moon, datong coal industry company experiences of coal mine, apricot. 。 。 Shanghai ( A) Baosteel group; Jiangsu province ( A) Wuxi China sea rings, changshu lung group (group, yangzhou second power generation co. , LTD, lianyungang port area; Zhejiang province ( A) Anji tianhuangping power station, wenzhou great tiger lighter. 。 。
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site is located in shibei district, the store locations in shibei cylinder kiln. On the porcelain flower bone porcelain ceramics is a rising star, the main operating and processing color porcelain business. Its purport is the quality for this, sets up the enterprise brand; Perfect service in good faith to meet customer demand. Porcelain clay add flower on the basis of traditional craft, research and development has injected with modern manufacturing methods, product is tonal gentle, glaze moist fine; High transparency, neat appearance, novel flower surface. 。 。 。 Introduction of
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huantai county town of girl's son of mechanical processing factory is a collection of production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises I plant strong technical force, has a complete and scientific quality management system and complete production equipment, advanced production technology, detection means perfect, reliable product quality, up to domestic advanced level, after many years of hard exploration and production practice, my factory production, vacuum box, the dryer, spray box machine, test tank, pressure machine, pressure tank, etc. Products sell well all over the country. 。 。
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the crime of illegal holding the defendant, jidong second team director, secondary police inspector jiu-ming li is sitting on the bench, together with the public prosecutor hejian people's procuratorate, the defendant to take electric shocks, bottling mineral water, pepper spray, mustard oil, use lighter to burn, don't let sleep for a long time, and in the end, cause city intermediate sentenced to death penalty with two years of himself. 。 。 Personal introduction
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