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by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
正所谓“防人之心不可无”,在日常生活中虽不至于草木皆兵,但基本的人身安全意识还是要有的 特别是独自夜归的年轻女性、未成年的小孩子或者经常加班到深夜又住比较偏僻地方的上班一族 一旦遇到危险应该如何处理,如何能让自己在危险中能全身而退,这其实是安全教育中最为重要的部分 陷入危机能够正确处理,自救除了反应机警以外,功能可靠的报警设备也是不可或缺的 比如接下来要介绍的这款多功能智能警报器Circle Circle是一款外观简单且功能可靠的报警设备,不同于以往的“傻大粗”型报警器,Circle在外观设计上绝对花了不少心思 小清新的绿、粉以及白色,再加上圆形外观的设计,颜值与便携性上绝对可以傲视群雄 Circle采用了一体化的设计,完全看不出是一款功能强大的报警器 说是随身的钥匙链或者小挂饰,也绝对有人相信 Circle能分别提供警报声模式和特殊静音模式,最主要是针对使用者突然面临危险时 可通过过长按SOS键发出高达95分贝的警报声吓阻恶意人士,同时引起其他路人的注意 而在面临威胁的情况下,则可通过短按SOS键以隐匿的方式发出呼救信息,避免引起恶意人士的威胁或者攻击 值得一提的是,无论你通过那种方式求救,Circle都能持续以每8秒送出定位信息,并且向事先设定的三名紧急联络人发出呼救 除了呼救功能以外,Circle还能作为防丢失的设备,例如你把Circle挂在钥匙上,钥匙不见了你就可以通过Circle的应用程序找到钥匙 此外Circle还能在你使用手机自拍的时候当做你的遥控快门,让使用者直接通过按键操作快门拍摄 目前Circle在官网的售价为1490新台币( RMB 327) , this features vogue small smart alarm can not only give you the necessary help when you in danger, at ordinary times can also as a pendant and quick photo equipment, for girls often late return your own personal safety is the most important ( Source: unknown) In an article: 'evaporate' 4 years, real Madrid, 26, was premature termination of genius! 14 million only played 9 games next up: the dark 'front' of the Olympic table that we marked 'sources: all the works, the copyright in all belong to, must be reproduced please indicate,. Violators we will shall be investigated for legal responsibility. This net reprint and specify the source from other works, aims to deliver more information, does not mean we agree with the point of view or confirm the authenticity of its contents, does not undertake such work direct responsibility and joint and several liability of tort. Other media, websites or individuals from this net reprint, you must retain this net indicate the source, and own the copyright and other legal responsibility.
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