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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Beijing, June 5 (xinhua) : the performance of the 'baton' will bring governmental financing guarantee what changes? The Xinhua News Agency reporter shen Cheng want to borrow money, have to prove to have actual strength also money. For Banks, the small micro enterprise on a smaller scale, often do not have enough collateral, is a 'need to think' object 'borrow'. In this case, the 'game', there is a mechanism that is financing guarantee agencies. Through the guarantee for the enterprise credit, financing guarantee institutions can be established between enterprise and bank financing loans 'canal', encourage financial living water flow to the enterprise. The finance committee office of the State Council recently issued 11 financial reform measures, one of the Ministry of Finance issued by the governmental financing guarantee, and guarantee agencies industry performance evaluation guidelines '. The move, will actively play the role of performance 'baton', promote government financing guarantee, and guarantee agencies more focused support small and micro enterprise 'three agriculture' the main body of the business. Different from commercial financing guarantee institutions, governmental financing guarantee institutions reduced profit purpose, adhere to the quasi-public positioning. The personage inside course of study says, set up governmental financing guarantee, is designed to guarantee agencies, for small micro enterprise and the 'three agriculture' the main body credit, risk, energized, push to resolve financing difficult financing expensive. From the United States, the European Union, Japan and other developed countries experience, governmental financing guarantee agencies for small business credit, in all aspects plays an important role. In recent years, our country promote the building of government financing guarantee system, and gradually build national financing guarantee fund, to guarantee agencies at the provincial level, the three layers of organization system facility financing guarantee institutions. 'The number and scale of government financing guarantee institutions grow, gradually become 'mainstay industry. 'Full-time vice President of Chinese association of financing assurance Ren Yanxiang said that in recent years, the small enterprises in our country, agricultural financing guarantee scale continues to expand, the majority of contributing to the governmental financing guarantee agencies. However, some 'trouble' emerged in the development of. Since a period, in the 'heavy profit assessment' performance evaluation under the guide of government financing guarantee institutions appeared 'large home, earn a quick buck, high fees' and 'stagnant' two development tendencies, electric batons, there is a focus on a small enough for supporting agriculture, guarantees high rate and low magnification, the agency policy failed to give full play to the functions. In experts and the industry point of view, the guidelines issued timely. 'Performance evaluation is a governmental financing guarantee, and guarantee agencies' baton. 'National financing guarantee fund limited liability company chairman Li Cheng said that the' baton 'will lead to the main business of incentive institution holding a small support agriculture, return to the origin of for the enterprise to improve the financing environment. Guidance has been clear about the government financing guarantee, and the definition of guarantee agencies, put forward to implement and manage the list, which helps it to spend precious money and resources more precise into small micro enterprise and the 'three agriculture' the main body. Policy benefits and management ability, risk control, system construction, — Guidance from four dimensions to build the government financing guarantee and evaluation system for guarantee agencies. 'This evaluation system is like a 'weights and measures, policy guidance, insist on their role, weakening profit evaluation, strengthen the positive incentives. It was both the risk controllable, and promote the sustainable development of guarantee business. 'Government performance, director of the center for China's finance institution Wang Zecai said. Since this year, the new crown sudden pneumonia outbreak, for small micro enterprise survival brings huge challenges, corporate financing problem highlights, needs more support and help. In Beijing, 'art life' is a salon manicure chain management 17 years. Outbreak, business collapsed, but still have to pay all the spending, cash flow nearly dried up. In governmental financing guarantee policy, under the help of the pioneering guarantee company guarantee, enterprise received 300 Wan Yuanchun credit guarantee loans. 'The loan as' timely rain ', greatly ease the pressure. 'Major said, head of the enterprises. Like 'art life' cut, at present, there are thousands of small micro enterprises are trying to survive. Ren Yanxiang said that in the normalized prevention and control of epidemic situation, guidance to the performance evaluation of incentive mechanism for the gripper, will promote the development of government financing guarantee industry with high quality, better service pratt &whitney domains such as small micro enterprise, better realize the market main body. 'Introduced the guidance, this is a governmental financing guarantee the healthy development of the industry' booster ', is the key to improve the system of government financing guarantee system, and strengthen the financial support enterprise one of the great important measures. 'The Treasury officials said. Can look forward to, this guide will motivate guide government financing guarantee give play to the role of countercyclical regulation, and have introduced various policy mix, effectively relieve the small micro enterprise financing difficult financing, help do a good job, keep stable 'six' 'six protect' the bottom line. 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