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pfizer denies encouraging drug abuse by packaging fentanyl with cooking spoon, lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-06-15
In order to solve the wide range of non-
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer issued a statement on Thursday, flatly denying that the packaging of fen with a spoon and lighter should be interpreted as encouraging drug abuse.
\"There is no factual basis for this unfounded guess that we support drug abuse in some way.
\"Pfizer is helping people, or the implication is absolutely outrageous,\" said Pfizer spokesman Choi ory Choi . \" He explained that the company is packing with a blending spoon with the Fen, lighter, and for those who wish to re-enjoy synthetic opioid, the rubber tube is just a matter of convenience, in any case, none of it should be interpreted as an official approval of drug abuse by the company as a whole.
\"It is their privilege if people choose to abuse this vital drug.
It is outrageous that we are willing to encourage customers to take drugs just because the product packaging includes step-by-
Step instructions on how to evenly heat the spoon.
Such an impact is entirely a ridiculous abandonment of the idea of personal responsibility.
\"Choi declined to comment on the $45 million rebate on spoons and lighters Pfizer received in 2018, when it claimed that brand gear was an advertising charge.
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