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Play zoop lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

in contact with lighter tricks. Then play club to join the world lighter, and become the only in part. He is known as 'the first person of Chinese cigarette lighter tricks'. Major works 'the hokage lighter tricks' is his masterpiece. Published the book, the book includes all kinds of famous brand cigarette lighter ( ZIPPO, du peng) Classic game, reveal lighter play tricks and skills in graphic form, at the same time also introduced all kinds of common lighters. 。 。
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  - - I N the category B S books & gt;> Sports & gt;> Leisure exercise price in RMB. Love him, sent him a lighter - — Unable to express love, to express with lighter! Love her, you play lighter - — Need to express feelings, to express with lighter! See, even the price of this book is suggestive of love - — 。 — — Love me! The first cigarette lighter tricks the bible in Asia. 。 。 Recommend -
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