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Please pay attention! This 'problem' toy guns or suffocation - to children Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Can play a bullet toy gun always makes many children fondle admiringly, but if the improper design, toy guns, may also cause harm to the child. Yangzi evening news reporter learns from the inspection and quarantine bureau, jiangsu province, the European commission non-food fast early warning system ( 库) Has on Chinese called 'gnu SERIES' shooting suit consumer warnings. Toy guns are unsafe. The suit by the rifle, the bullet with suction cups, and three arrows, etc with chuck. Because toys toys bullets and arrows sucker falls off easily, can lead to children's eating, create a risk of choking. Now because the product does not conform to the eu toy safety directive and the relevant requirements, retailers have warned consumers and stop sales. It is reported that there are some toy gun fired bullets speed, great strength, this kind of 'killer' big toy gun to the cognitive ability weak children to play with, if the child will launch on the head, face, eye, in areas such as the most likely cause harm. Kunshan is one of the major toy export base in jiangsu, toy exports of more than 400 million dollars. Kunshan in jiangsu province inspection and quarantine bureau toy expert warns customer, help children choose toys must be on the premise of safety, can sign how toys before buying material, suitable information such as age, electric batons, don't buy '3 without' product. If toys with children may be swallowed or inhaled the widget, or with tips, it is best not to buy. In addition, the plastic bags of toys should be immediately after unpacking away or throw away, don't let the children to play, to prevent the set on the head by a child cause choking.
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