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Possession of lighter stops being stopped

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

date of PM in stand it romantic, dressed in casual clothes, middle-aged man caught the attention of. Found the man with leg seems intent, and low head security staff. When X-ray inspection on man, the man looked impatient and desire. X-ray stopped the man, the metal detector across men sent out alarm when the thigh. The man immediately argued that his leg had fractures, inside the steel nail. Think the man is very suspicious, he plans to them for further examination. Men see to them away, and have to admit that the inner thigh with tape with a cigarette lighter.
the understanding, the man surnamed song, runs a grocery store in my hometown, this time is to replenish onr's stock, commodity wholesale market see wholesale market selling lighters are very cheap, he was ready to buy home sales. Song Mou tell, because you know the railway station to check strictly, in order to escape security checks, your cigarette lighter with duct tape in the inner thighs, muddle through.
station according to the customs confiscated lighters, and has carried on the education to Song Mou. Iron remind: passenger train rides, carrying ordinary disposable lighters cannot exceed, the ordinary matches cannot be more than a small box.
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