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power transformers and high voltage insulators

by:Tianwang     2020-06-12
Power generation from power stations to households is shrouded in technical speeches --This is how it works.How is the electricity from power stations to our businesses and homes available?How is the electricity from power stations to our businesses and homes available?The answer has a lot to do with power transformers and various polar wire hardware including high voltage insulators.The power of the power transformer goes from the power station to the sub-station, which is located in the regular block.But by then, although the voltage is still at a very high level, the voltage has been greatly reduced to become safer.This is handled by the use of distribution transformers and power transformers.In general, there are two parts of the power transformer: the primary coil and the secondary coil.The voltage is reduced by the number of primary circuits and the number of secondary circuits.Therefore, if there are 50 loops in the primary coil and 100 loops in the secondary coil --Voltage halved.If this happens again and again --The voltage is reduced to a safe level.Since the heat generated during this process is quite large, the transformer is heavy duty.There are also a variety of Transformers, step-up, step-down, etc.All of these belong to the category of power transformers.The elegant country and utility poles of the high-voltage insulator deliver power from place to place.However, when receiving power and passing it on to the next tower or pole, the power is usually still at a lethal level.Leakage is possible and requires insulation.The wire rod has a high-voltage insulation device to assist in the transmission of electricity in a safe manner.A variety of materials are usedIt may be high quality plastic or ceramic and may occupy several layers in the case of broken deterioration.Through both methods and their associated hardware, electricity is successfully transmitted from power stations and individual homes and businesses.OTDS is an example of a company that provides such equipment to companies that build power infrastructure.
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