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Practical self-defense electric batons operation method is introduced Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
With black car? Self-defense spray carry? Now a lot of irregular car in soliciting business, and also has a lot of reports on the black car is in danger of accident. In this small make up remind everybody met black car we should pay attention to what? In case of the stranger asked whether to car, shall be immediately rejected, take your baggage at the same time, don't let somebody else & other; Do & throughout; 。 Citizens want to go to the city, can choose the basement to the station to take bus, or sit normal taxi out to the high street, with self-defense equipment is very important. Self-defense electric stick is a good choice, electric batons of maneuverability introduce self-defense equipment design features to have a fresh style, rather than without any colour, especially when in use is to give full consideration to the flexible application of related details. Self-defense equipment design involves much professional content, appearance style is only a single factor. The content is important in the technology will have increased. Don't may not have any significant advantages highlighted, but really can meet the personalized requirements of people, and in the actual effect of self-defense opposite also have higher requirements. The appearance of self-defense equipment also has many types, according to the different requirements of each person, can choose different appearance, convenient to carry, can also be to surprise blow of offenders, increase the success rate. The practicability of self-defense equipment not only on its appearance, its function also is comprehensive, practical strong. Can self-defense equipment not only has function of electric shock, paralysis of the others, forced the constrained; And the function of the light, can also be used to self-defense. Opens, can shoot very strong beam and offenders lose vision, allows you to try and deal with violence time or enough to make you fled the scene, and this kind of blindness is temporary, not cause any harm to eyesight, when used at the gunman eyes. , need use it before get in the car must keep in mind the car, license plate number, in the car can text students tell their relatives and friends, or directly call, where are you now, your voice loud to let the driver to hear, this approach can give up the idea of the driver is not good. In the process of driving, once found the route suddenly changed, or is wrong, should be immediately challenged, but don't provoke unlicensed drivers, should be tactful to escape quickly, such as & other; I want to do some shopping, you stop at the next, I went to buy & throughout; Such as, rapid escape. Off it is best not to ride along home, don't with the owner to spend the night on the road, not on the way to the carpool people carry property given by income or revealed. Ms hitch a ride, had better have company of relatives and friends, should be timely to keep in touch with his family in the road. Black car when we meet, we will alert, try not to take, take to pay attention to the above points, to ensure safety. Ms away if carry self-defense spray, such as self-defense self-defense equipment such as electric batons, can improve the degree of safety. To avoid some dangerous situation.
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