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Pregnant woman boss imprisoned - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons small make up reports: around 4 PM on April 5, pingyin area in jinan Penn valley street, a cafe, the boss yan is working in the store alone, ms zhang came in order to have a meal, a pregnant woman at this time the store only a customer. Suddenly, yan electric shock ms zhang's head, stick with dishcloth then blocked her mouth. This is his electric batons and fruit knife already prepared. Ms zhang in panic, quickly got up and ran outside. At Mrs. Zhang yan intimidate: & other; I just want money! Darling to hand over the money, will not hurt you & hellip; … You are honest. ” Ms zhang hurriedly self-preservation were dumbstruck: & other; I already have 2 months pregnant, don't hurt me. ” Self-defense electric batons small make up reports zhang, after all, is a woman, was not yan is big, did not have the strength gradually in the confrontation. Under the threat of yan and drag and drop, Ms. Zhang is very afraid, eventually gave up resistance. Then, yan zhang to store a storage room, her hands and feet bound with duct tape and ropes. He also tape wrapped around the head of the ms zhang, only leaving a gap in the nostrils. Yan warned her to be honest, then take away the belongings of ms zhang. In the process of robbery, persecute wang yan said the bank card password. Because of concerns that the password is false, he decided to ms zhang to stay in the store, wait until the evening, after work again with ms zhang to the bank to withdraw money. Self-defense electric batons small make up understanding: 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, yan in-store customers more gradually up, his wife is coming to help us. However, yan's wife and have never been to the closet, so did not find also hidden inside a person. Because of concerns about ms zhang escape, yan in greeting customers at the same time, also ran to the storeroom to check the situation from time to time. Locked in the closet of ms zhang twisting arms, trying to break free of duct tape and rope winding. As she is going to break free, yan suddenly came in and put her tied up again. Has been trapped in the storage room, ms zhang has experienced the most fear oneself ever 4 hours. By 9 p. m, yan deli shop is diners. He is going to close from work, first made an excuse and left his wife, she is contemplating a moment drive took a lady went to the bank to withdraw money. Plan did not change fast, storeroom of ms zhang has again broke the tape and ropes & hellip; … Hear the sound of the outside book door closed, she slipped quickly through the back door. Whose tape, pot zhang came into a shop next door, to the clerk for help. Ms zhang such image, next to the store clerk and several customers are shocked, you even thought came in a mental illness. Ms zhang to shout: & other; Quick alarm! Help me, I was kidnapped! ” Store is unknown so, however, speculation is she spirit has a problem, did not take concrete action.
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