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Privately held self-defense illegal? - rod Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Not now too messy. I want to buy a rod self-defense to give his girlfriend with a ` ` just don't know ` ordinary people with such things as self-defense electric batons ` ` for breaking the law. N long ago by the Ministry of Public Security issued a document, electric batons cannot land, only some of the biggest special company approved by the Ministry of Public Security to use. If you want to self-defense spray economical point can use the upstairs said, but may not to be able to reflect the attack, which is waiting for you to touch the spray press down again. 。 。 。 。 If you are a man can take screwdriver, not knife so don't break the law. But it will have a deterrent effect. It is pointed, it is people are afraid of. Met a risk, don't need to protect themselves, or raised his hands to lose your life! We don't advocate violence against, but at the very least to deterrence, cannot let the gunman, more can't let criminals hide, since release your horse and come, will pay the price! Castle peak security equipment based on the basic situation of what you say, should belong to the justifiable defense. Because there are seven or eight people for you, you're basically impossible to stop them by myself a person's strength sticks to you, after also deliberately to the unlawful infringer implemented a more serious violation. You should be in the process of self-protection accidentally caused to the unlawful infringer & other; Major damage & throughout; 。 Therefore, the specific statement of defense process is key. Use of self-defense and rod rechargeable batteries produce tens of thousands of volts or more severe shock, protect a snap offenders lose ability is effective to protect themselves against the attack. Is not your property and personal loss and damage. As for some people say that a touch is dizzy, just down the basic are contrived. Only the correct understanding to the actual situation of DG, can better protect themselves from harm. This is very important!
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