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Production of lighter machine

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

a: enterprise name Wu Hanchuan island heavy industry machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. ( View detailed information) Note book, opening operation state live by wuhan city can dry tower building, hanyang avenue He Jiayou, head of the registered capital of ten thousand yuan representative for approval. 。 。
a: real cutting service wuhan Oriental unilever lighter heavy industry machinery manufacturing co. , LTD is a modernized enterprise specializing in machinery, electronics, chemical industry group, its scientific research, development, production, sales as one, is located in the hanyang old industrial zone, relying on geographical advantages, to form a batch of chemical and mechanical experts, has been open. 。 。
a: in terms of services. Hisin on each factory area within the scope of the lighter over strict control of production, to avoid vicious competition products, ensure that the product profit. Low price for a long time xin, lighter at the same time supply all kinds of parts, assembly equipment and lighter to ensure excellent quality and reasonable price. The flame,. 。 。
a: excellent service with a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation. Existing one-time product varieties, electronics ( Piezoelectric) 20 different specifications, models of plastic, metal lighters, special specifications can also be designed according to user needs, the production of lighter perform electronic piezoelectric lighters national industry standard,. 。 。
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