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Protect the female self-defense turn edge tool - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Using pepper spray self-defense electric batons, can let the vulnerable groups is very good to protect themselves, make their own personal safety protection. So, all necessary for a escort self-defense escort like pepper spray. For pepper spray, may be a lot of people know. Pepper spray is a kind of self-defense products with quick results, meet the bad guys, as long as the spray to the bad guys face, then each other immediately, tears streaming down her face, but also a cough, this time is the best time of escape. Moreover, pepper spray will make bad face severe pain, respiratory tract also suffered the same hot fire, pain, so its effect is very strong, but the effect is temporary and will not cause substantial damage to human body, only can let each other under the spray within 20 minutes of pain. So you don't have to worry about to bear the liability for personal injury, will not cause damage. At night, you often worry about meet bad people, especially women, encounter the bad guys have a larger chance. There are more and more hidden trouble in security in life, has seriously affected the People's Daily life. This time, you need a good self-defense weapon ( Self-defense electric batons) To protect you, here we recommend you pepper spray.
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