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Protect women, where a man went to force the beauty didn't carry a self-defense electric batons? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Protect women, where a man went to force the beauty didn't carry a self-defense electric batons? Self-defense electric batons attention recently there are a lot of similar things happen, there are awkward fact that harm a woman's critical moments, where were the men around? What is a real gentleman? Not wearing much expensive table, drinking the wine, more precious in how appropriate collocation, but at a critical moment to protect women and children, to stand up courage and wisdom. We found no, in this case, the parties to a female for many people, finally a tenant to help her; A few days before the Ada as a bridesmaid is bullied, finally Gu Ling to help her. Self-defense electric batons small make up remind everybody to understand, after all, most men were not superman really happened around us standing up the tragedy of the men were wounded to death, but the following article, both men and women, old and young, basic everyone can do it: 1, report to the police. Fear is very normal, at least find a no one place to the police. If the site is not convenient to talk, now there are many areas still opened 12110 SMS alarm, WeChat public platform of alarm function. In addition to send text, audio, alarm information can also send pictures, etc. And, more importantly, you can use WeChat positioning function, accurate told the police his position, where to avoid the bearing an embarrassment. In addition, the police don't found by criminals, or you still points minutes K graffiti. 2, asked, delay the time. Don't think about more than the less again, if really see those strange phenomenon, enthusiastic to ask, you can douse the bad guys will have one portion, the delay time shall prevail. After this incident, there is a new weibo rapid fire up, this feeling of netizens spontaneously to let a person very warm. 3, called passers-by, help. A psychology experiment showed that encounter emergencies, the reaction of the masses is basically decided by the first opinion leaders. It is generally used to looking and conformity. Cannot delay when push comes to shove, if someone first stood up and cried, take the initiative to help, usually drives the spectators to help. So, if you are a man, if you can call on two or three men together to onlookers, there has been much chance. , of course, this link belongs to high-end configuration, to protect under the condition of their strengths, as far as possible don't conflict. 4, in fact, according to the probability compared to war-torn era, is now all is well. When cannot control the outside world situation, however, whether women or men, all need to improve your mind and skills to survive, I met the thing moves when it's necessary to make moves, at least within the scope of the lira people, at least to avoid let oneself become indifferent spectator, can only make fun & other; This is a terrible social & throughout; , you know, the social bad, because everyone is not so good. Self-defense electric batons self-defense electric cabinet design beautiful lady carry in the bag, self-defense electric batons attached lighting function except to self-defense, is men and women, old and young night out good helper.
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