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Providence small commodity wholesale market

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

providence small commodity wholesale market market introduction: providence small commodity wholesale market is based on (date) (month) (year), located at the heart of the north street, many merchants from: guangdong, zhejiang, henan, hunan, hubei, northeast China, anhui, jiangsu, Shanghai, tianjin, etc, has gathered in all directions, far more than kinds of small commodities.
providence small commodity wholesale market after years of constant innovation and development, the old and new businesses struggle and struggle, made 'fate' 2 words, the city is famous, renowned throughout the country! Providence market the business will now the new providence new mall. New mall is improving every day, every day there are development, have a new day!
the building of the new mall from layer to layer is the business hall.
- layer's main daily small articles of daily use, small adorn article, Chinese knot, hats, gloves, towels, scarves, plastic products, labor insurance supplies, glassware, car decoration, pet supplies, hardware and lighters. Contact
layer is the window of providence small commodity wholesale market, main all kinds of craft gifts, office gifts, headwear, clothing and accessories, etc. Main contact
layer leather bags. Several leather goods, bags, cloth, counters, is the largest and the most concentrated leather bags wholesale distribution center, especially suitable for conference souvenirs and office use. Main contact
layer knitted underwear, coat, shirt, tie, bra,, bedding, is providence market advantage of the commodity, also is the city's largest knitwear wholesale marketing. Contact
layer is providence of market strength. Hall's main intellectual toys, electronic toys, toys
plush toys and models, pictures, etc. Appliances hall's main electrical appliances, including audio, audio and video equipment, communications equipment, lamps, electric kitchen equipment, lights, lamps, etc. And stainless steel products, watches and clocks, machine, mobile phone accessories. Contact
layer for garment and designer shoes. Men's, women's, children's wear, leisure, jeans, trousers. Link;
east main floor slippers, cloth shoes, leather shoes, travel shoes, etc. ; Layer for stationery hall, the main business stationery, office supplies, sporting goods; Layer socks monopoly, many manufacturers, is one of the biggest socks market; Layer for snacks. East the layers are connected to the main building floors are interlinked. Link;
street floor for a bathing suit, silk scarves monopoly hall; Main cosmetics. Contact. The underground parking lot is on the second floor, equipped with more than one parking space, shopping convenience.
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